America, Here I Come

Portland State University


After a busy week of preparing for documents and stuffs, this morning I have just successfully applied for the exchange visitor visa at the Embassy of the United States of America in Bangkok. Yes, I am going to the United States of America to further my study in doctorate degree in Technology Management at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon with a scholarship from Ministry of Science and Technology of the Royal Thai government. Now that I am ready with legitimate visa and acceptance letter from the university, I am waiting for the confirmation of air ticket booked by the Office of Civil Service Commission and I will know the exact date of my departure. Well, roughly, it wouldn’t be later than the middle of September as I have to attend the mandatory international student orientation at the university on September 18 and the university will start on September 24 for Fall term. There are so many things to prepare before departure within so little time. I will keep posting the update of my status here as I could make it a reminder for me as well.


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