Paris, Je T’aime

Paris, Je T’aime


So far I have visited Paris 2 times in my life. The first time was a short visit 10 years ago in 1997 when I was an exchange student in the Netherlands and traveled to France for a weekend. That was my first impression of Paris, the city of love, and I promised myself that I would definitely go back. This year, 10 years after the first time in Paris, I had a chance to visit the city again while attending the Deauville Asian Film Festival in March. (Read my blog entry here.) Paris is, and probably have been, as attractive and interesting as always. I guess this is the reason why I could relate to the French film – Paris, Je T’aime.

Paris, Je T’aime is a series of 18 short movies by various directors depicting their vision of love using each districts of Paris as a theme and background of the story. From famous tourist district to the road less traveled in the quiet neighborhood, love is all around in different shapes and forms in the city of Paris. Each story has its own virtue and style. Some might be easy to understand while the other might be more unique and hard to interpret. However, all in all, the whole film is enjoyable with smooth transition between each short films.

4 Stars out of 5 – this is a movie with styles. You may watch the film and fall in love with Paris again and again. As for me, it’s definitely “Paris, I love you.”


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4 Responses to Paris, Je T’aime

  1. cotton says:

    I chose to see this movie because of its soundtrack. I’ve got the OST CD before watching the movie.
    I reckon I overexpected this movie. That’s why I’m not impressed in the whole movie. However I think the idea of making this movie is really good and yep! the OST is very beautiful.

  2. Sunny says:

    I wonder what it will be like if there is a new film called “Bangkok, I Love You.” 🙂

  3. prayer says:

    where is this playing in bangkok?
    i saw this movie a few months ago in the US and wanted to see it again.

  4. Sunny says:

    Despite of a number of new movies in the past few weeks, The movie is still showing at Scala theater (Siam Square.) You may check out the show times at

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