Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Thai Translation

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


It seems to me that I couldn’t get enough of Harry Potter as this is my forth consecutive entry regarding the young wizard that literally conquers the hearts of book lovers around the world. After finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday, I got back and connected with online community and, to my relief, I am glad that I had successfully avoided all spoilers popping here and there. Those who thought I was a fast reader should reconsider as I found out that there were a number of people who finished the book before me and posted the detailed stories around the internet. It might be because there was a leak of the book online days before its promising release date.

It’s now interesting to think about the translation of the book into Thai language. I assume it to be quite a challenging task. Just naming the title as correctly and beautifully as the original by using Thai words is deemed impossible. Nanmee Books, Thai publisher who secures the rights of Thai translation, estimated that the Thai version of Harry Potter Book 7 would be released no later than December 2007, thus giving only 4 months for the translators and publishers to finish their jobs.

One more interesting point of Thai version of Harry Potter is the “acknowledgment of appreciation” at the back cover of the book. From Book 1 to 6, there were unique “acknowledgment of appreciations” for each book provided by the former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin “Sinatra” Shinawatra. I wondered who will provide the new “acknowledgment of appreciation” for Book 7, as it is quite impossible for He-Who-Is-In-Exile to give the final words. We’ll see when the book releases nationwide. Until then…


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