The New X-Files Movie – Coming Soon

I Want to Believe


As the poster in the office of FBI Agent Fox Mulder stated, I want to believe that the film sequel of The X-Files, one of my favorites TV series, is set to come out soon. According to the report from The Hollywood Reporter, David Duchovny who stars as alien-hunting special agent Fox Mulder, said that he will receive a script of the film next week from the X-Files original creator and director Chris Carter and the writer Frank Spotnitz who both crafted an intriguing alien-related government conspiracy plot of the ten seasons TV Series airing from 1993 to 2002 and the movie entitled Fight the Future in 1998. This movie sequel might possibly be released after a decade of the first movie and conclude the X-Files series. Of course, it would star David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as special agent Fox Mulder and his comrade special agent Dana Scully.

I am looking forward to the movie. The truth is out there.


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  1. cotton says:

    This series is also one of my favorite series but I’ve still got some bad feeling towards Duchovny as he left this series early causing lost momentum to the whole series. Anyway if they produce the movie sequel, yep! I want to see it.

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