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Well, there is nothing much to say. The picture speaks a thousand word. I found this political comic on the net and had no idea who drawn it and from where it originally published. Should anyone know the origin of this picture, please kindly inform me so that I could give a proper credit to the publisher.

This is the translation of what the spokesman announced.

“Since the CNS has forgotten why the coup has been staged – a couple of reasons are vaguely recalled, whoever remember these reasons, please immediately report… Please listen carefully again. Since the CNS has forgotten why the coup has been staged…”

Finally, the caption reads as “There should be another statement (like this.)”

P.S. Talking about politics, I am not sure if this blog entry would be monitored. Thus, you are welcome to comment at your own risk.

One Response to Reminder Statement

  1. cotton says:

    I think it’s from Prachathai website. Anyway i couldn’t remember the name of artist.

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