Stolen “Nissan” Logo

Stolen Logo


Last Thursday, my mother parked a car at the parking space inside the building of Big C Supercenter Sapankwai branch from noon to 2 PM. She always parks the car there on weekday around that time when she goes to the salon. That day was like everyday, except that once she got home, she noticed that the “Nissan” logo at the back of the trunk of the car had been stolen. There was clearly a mark of an attempt to peel out the object.

Never have I thought that the logo of my Nissan car is a precious object worth stolen. Well, it certainly costs some hundred or thousand bath but it’s not that precious comparing with more valuable logo of Mercedes Benz or BMW, especially the logo of the Mercedes which is easier to steal as it usually pops out of the car. This reminded me and everyone to take a very good care of our belongings as robbery could happen by all means possible.

Luckily this time it’s only a logo of the car that was stolen, as I have the first class car insurance and it covers the cost of repair at Nissan center. Hopefully, it would never happen again but who knows. It happened in the middle of the day in the city. There seems to be no safety anymore.


3 Responses to Stolen “Nissan” Logo

  1. wät says:

    people these days… they take everything!

  2. Sunny says:

    Look on the brighter side, we are lucky they didn’t break the window of the car. As a precaution, do not leave your valuable belongings in the car no matter where you park your car.

  3. JOJO says:

    เหอๆๆๆ รถแหว่งเลย

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