My Celebrity Look-alikes

My Celebrity Look-alikes


Following the link to MyHeritage from my friend’s blog ( >>> celebrity collage), I tried matching my face with celebrities by using the web site’s free face recognition service. The result is quite a surprise.

  • 73% similarity to Chester BenningtonLinkin Park‘s frontman and lead vocalist
  • 70% similarity to Elton John – English singer
  • 70% similarity to Bae Yong-jun – Korean actor
  • 61% similarity to Daniel Radcliffe – Best known as the boy who played Harry Potter
  • 58% similarity to Rupert Murdoch – Chairman and CEO of News Corporation
  • 56% similarity to Frank Rijkaard – Former Dutch national footballer
  • 55% similarity to Howie Dorough – Singer, member of the American boy band Backstreet Boys
  • 55% similarity to Philip Seymour Hoffman – Academy Award-winning American actor.

Well, almost all of the matches wear eyeglasses or seem to have one. It’s inevitable as I submitted the picture of me with glasses. I am now curious with whom I would resemble without glasses. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo of me without eyeglasses so may be I will give it a try once I have that photo.

6 Responses to My Celebrity Look-alikes

  1. pradt says:

    elton john!

  2. cotton says:

    Harry Potter!


  3. NuT says:

    From my eye, I think you are almost like “Philip Seymour Hoffman”. 🙂

  4. PüN says:

    Bae Yong-jun (one in my boyfriends list) ^o^

  5. graziele menezes muller says:

    I’m very happy!!!

  6. Samira says:

    howie-i think

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