Unbelievably Sad But True Story

Thairath Newspaper - 29 June 2007


I remembered watching the news coverage of 11 years old girl delivering a baby and being Thailand’s youngest mother a couple of days ago. This made a headline to most of tabloid newspapers in the country. Well, it’s not a good news that for the sake of publicity, they recklessly showed pictures of a local politician who helped taking care of the girl and team of doctors who delivered her baby with the name of the hospital in the background. This posted as moral problems on top of Thailand’s family’s problem. To make thing worse, later it’s revealed in the news coverage that the girl was raped by her guardian, the husband of her mother’s elder sister or her uncle-in-law, and got pregnant. The guy was charged with criminal cases and being held in custody for the trail. I just couldn’t believe that this shameless incident could actually happen. Then, I have just heard from the evening news today that the guy hanged himself dead in the cell. It’s ridiculous and unbelievable. Where are the policemen who suppose to look after the criminal? Is it that easy to die and leave the problems to those who still live?

May be we should seriously take a better care of our society by building up a strong family and a better society.

2 Responses to Unbelievably Sad But True Story

  1. Methinks says:

    You “couldn’t believe that this shameless incident could actually happen”??? This is Thailand! This kind of things happen every day!

    Welcome to the land of smiles. Where shameful things are brushed under the carpet with a smile. LOL

  2. Sunny says:

    Well, I knows. Social problem happens everywhere as long as there is a society of human-being. Thus, it’s not only Thailand but it could happen anywhere…

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