Next is a science fiction film starring Nicholas Cage as main character who has an ability to see the future for two minutes. He has been tracked down by FBI agents asking him to help locating the terrorist’s nuclear attack. Unfortunately, he refuses to cooperate as he doesn’t want to get into trouble. However, he has been in trouble as the terrorists want him dead. Could he save himself and other millions lives?

What will happen if you can look into the future, even for only two minutes? Well, nothing will happen indeed because, once you know the future, it’s not the future anymore. The future will be changed by your action and you will end up knowing nothing. It seems absurd but you could still put it that way. This logic is the key of the story in this movie. However, The script is not so well-written. The ending is too abrupt and would likely cause most of the audiences unsatisfactory. I was surprised at the ending in the bad way. Nicholas Cage‘s on-screen performance is boring as always. I felt sorry for Julianne Moore in the role of a FBI agent. Her Academy Award worth performance is kind of waste in this role because of unreasonable script. Jessica Biel‘s character is the most frustrating thing in the film as if she is there because someone want her to be there.

All in all, the production of the film is good with stunning visual effects. The storyline has a good start, however, the plot of the movie is flop. In the end, it turns out to be another action flick wasting too much money on the set without caring much for a good script.

3 Stars out of 5 – recommend to those who has nothing to do in the lazy weekend. Watch this film at home to pass some times.


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2 Responses to Next

  1. pradt says:

    i don’t like nicholas cage. i think his face is too weird to be a good guy. anyway i do like national treasure… and waiting for the sequel patiently for … dr. abigail chase!

  2. Matt Piatt says:

    This movie sucks!

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