Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider


This dark superhero film is adapted from a famous comic book with the same name from Marvel Comics. It tells a story of a motorcycle stunt rider who inadvertently trade his soul with a devil in order to save his father’s life from cancer only to know that it’s useless as his father passed away because of the motorcycle accident the next morning. Many years pass by and he becomes a Ghost Rider bound by the contract with the devil. However, he doesn’t submit himself to the devil and use the power against the devil himself.

The original comic is popular and has several hardcore fans. Nicholas Cage, who takes the leading role of the Ghost Rider, claims that he himself is one of the fans. Unfortunately, being a fan and being in a movie are different. In my opinion, Nicholas Cage is somehow too old for the role. The storyline is simple and predictable, illogical in some parts as the film is trying to stick Ghost Rider to the image in the original comic book down to the small accessories. It’s not at all bad as the computer generated graphics of Ghost Rider‘s transformation is well done. However, with lame plot and storyline, it’s not worth sitting there for a whole movie.

All in all, it’s another action hero movie enjoyable to watch if you don’t mind bad script as long as you could stay awake for the whole film.

2 Stars out of 5 – Unless you are familiar fans of Ghost Rider, stay away from the film.


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