Dek Hor a.k.a. Dorm Won Award at Cannes



I have just got a good news minutes ago from P’Yong (Songyos Sugmakanan) – the young and talented director of Dek Hor, internationally known as Dorm. Congratulations to this critically acclaimed coming-of-age-in-disguise-of-horror Thai film for winning Cannes Junior Award at Cannes Film Festival 2007. (Read the news here in French.) The award, which is officially known as Prix Cannes Junior, is given annually to the best international films for children and young adults. (For more information on the criteria of the award, please read it by clicking here.) This added yet another international honorable trophies to the film, which won several recognitions from film festivals around worldwide including the Crystal Bear for Best Feature Film in the Generation Kplus competition (the movie for children section) at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival a.k.a. Berlinale 2007 and the Crystal Simorgh for Best Director at the 25th International Fajr Film Festival in Iran, just to name a few.

Despite being recently badly criticized and jeopardized by hatred of biased opinions in one of local movie online community in Thailand, the film still displays its indestructible value and expresses the virtue of Thai cinema and capability of Thai director to the world. Critics and audiences alike from various countries around the world, who have a chance to watch this film, enjoy and hail the film as one of the best movie of its kind by depicting supernatural friendship in a unique way. Isn’t it ironic that, while foreigners watch the film without prejudice, some narrow-minded Thai people try very hard to discredit this movie, claiming that the film is similar to Guillermo del Toro‘s El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil’s Backbone) without even watching the film? Those who watched both film and have a clear state of mind would definitely agree with me that the two films are different and each has a merit of its own. It wouldn’t be fair to compare both film. Go watch them and see for yourself.


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