Sometimes the trailer of the movie is better than the film itself. Watching a 2-minute-long clip full of jokes is more or less worth your time than sitting tight for a dry comedy in the theater for 100 minutes or so (if you are patient, or care for your money for the movie ticket, enough not to walk away.) After all, I felt lucky that I didn’t have a time to see this movie in the theater. Still, I had to ask myself why I desperately waste my time with the film at home. Well, at least I had some things to complain to all of you here.

I am talking about a comedy film called Norbit starring Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy. Yeah, you read it right. Eddie Murphy is acting as three different main characters in this movie. I have to say that he is a talent actor but not a good scriptwriter. He co-wrote the script of the movie and it went all wrong for me with whose cheap jokes and puns. Some might claim that you shouldn’t care much about the storyline in comedy film but I still couldn’t stand a weak plot in this movie. In the nutshell, Norbit is an orphan growing up like a loser. He then got married with monstrous fat girl who takes fully control over him. Later, he met a girl of his dream whom he used to be close with in the orphanage. So, he tried his best to get away from his nightmarish marriage.

All the funny parts of the film are shown in its trailer. So, there is almost nothing left to enjoy. Nevertheless, I have to give a big credit to Eddie Murphy for professionally portraying multiple roles with diversity. All in all, just answer “no” to the question that printed on the poster : “Have you ever made a really big mistake?” by being wise enough to avoid this film unless you have nothing to do.

1 Star out of 5 – not recommend to those who value their time. Just watch the trailer and you’ll laugh as much as watching the whole movie.


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