Keira Knightley to Portray Princess Diana

Diana and the Paparazzi


This news came after the eve of Cannes Film Festival in France last Sunday where the rights to adapt the controversial new book called Diana and the Paparazzi by Glenn Harvey and Mark Saunders (to be published this September) to the film had been under a bidding war. In the end, film producer Quentin Reynolds won the bidding and stated that he wanted Keira Knightley (whom we saw recently as a lady-become-pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) to take the leading role of the late People’s Princess. After last year success of The Queen which portrayed the British Royal family centered by Queen Elizabeth II in the tragedy after the accident that caused Princess Diana‘s death, the producer has high hope for this new film that it would be ten times more successful than The Queen. That’s what we’ll see if the movie is made without protests from British Royal family and people who loves Princess Diana.

2 Responses to Keira Knightley to Portray Princess Diana

  1. wät says:

    i saw this news on e!
    knightley hasn’t confirmed yet. but she definitely could be a fine princess.

  2. K says:

    เคียร่า ไม่น่าอึ๋ม ขนาดนั้น

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