An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth


An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary movie about global warming following the hard effort of former United States Vice President Al Gore to get people’s awareness of this environmental issue. In the film, we could see Mr. Gore’s lecture on this serious climate change problem in various places across the globe. In fact, there is also a book with the same name written by Mr. Gore himself to emphasis on the problem. The film won two Academy Awards including Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song for the song “I Need to Wake Up” performed by Melissa Etheridge.

 I really love the way Mr. Gore presented his points on global warming issue and persuaded the audiences with all the data in his exclusive slide-show. However, it seems to be too much of Mr. Gore for me. Well, I understand that it’s his documentary after all. The end title of the film is one of the best combination of music and graphics. You couldn’t help but start spreading the words about global warming after watching this movie, as I do it for now!

Needless to say, global warming affected everyone in this small world. It’s important that we start to act now. With the effort of each and everyone of us, we could save our blue planet from falling apart and in turns save ourselves and our future generation.


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