Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club


I have just been back from the Esplanade, the newly open entertainment complex in Bangkok. Today, I played a game of bowling at Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl. It’s funny to see myself throwing an open frame. Well, as I am not a professional bowler, it’s fine not to get a strike all the time.

Then, I went to enjoy ice-skating at Sub-Zero° Ice Skate arena. The last time I played ice-skating is about 10 years ago at the ice-skate ring at the former Bangkok World Trade Center (now known as Central World Plaza.) At first, I was afraid that I would forget how to skate. In fact, this is a skill you might never forget as I could easily glide through the ring after a couple of steps on the ice. However, I couldn’t run as fast as I used to be. Well, I guess I need some more times to practice properly. In my opinion, my performance today was not bad as I fell down on the ice only 1 time. It didn’t hurt but the ice-skating floor is wet and freezing cold.

I have a video clip of me trying to run a lap or two around the ice-skate arena. Let see if I could do it. Click here to view the video.

Here are some pictures of our group as ice-skate rookies:

Sunny, Michael and Mark at the entrance to the ice-skate floor


Sunny – An amateur ice-skater


Carrot – A young lady on the (ice-skate) floor


Louise – A boy who never afraid of falling


Another group picture: Michael, Louise, Carrot, JJ and Sunny


JJ – A pro ice-skater


Jojo – Nothing could stop him from running


Mac – He just wanna know how to break


Carrot & Sunny


9 Responses to Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club

  1. JOJO says:

    ชิชะ แอบถ่าย ชิชิ

  2. carrot says:


  3. EkLyPzE says:

    *0* ทำไมรุปแม็กมานดู เอ๋อว๊า 5555+

  4. Sunny says:

    น้องแม็กไม่เอ๋อหรอกครับ เขาเรียกว่าถูกถ่ายภาพไว้ได้ด้วยความเร็วสูง 5555+ (ด้วยคน)

  5. mark says:

    mark ลื่นหลายทีเลย

  6. ง่า… จำได้ว่าวันนั้นมันส์มากมาย

    ล้มไป 1 ทีถ้วน อย่างแรง ยังเจ็บไหล่อยู่เรยอ่า


  7. louis says:


  8. PingPing says:

    i did go there alredy
    it was a nice [and quiet] ice skat club
    hahaha++ just kiding bebe’
    ut i was too fun when i was there
    I hope that i’ll be go there again
    missin you na…SUB-ZERO

  9. riya says:

    thanx 2 u sunny!!

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