28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later


28 Weeks Later is a sequel to a British fictional horror film 28 Days Later which tells a story of the spread of dangerously infectious Rage virus throughout the British isles. The film opens with an intense and heart throbbing escape of a man from the attack of an army of the virus infected victim. Then, 28 weeks after the outbreak and 6 months after the last of the Infected was presumed death by starvation, the U.S. army comes to help restoring the country, unknowing that there is still a carrier of the deadly Rage virus. The spread of the infection begins again in a larger scale this time.

The movie is directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who also co-wrote the script. While Danny Boyle, the director and creator of the prequel 28 Days Later, serves an executive producer to this film. In spite of not being the original director of the first film, the director of 28 Weeks Later did a marvelous job creating a sequel which lives up to the expectation of its predecessor. This film explores more possibility of the infectious outbreak and adds some more exciting elements to the series. The Rage virus might be dreadful, human-being is far more scarier. The disturbing swing camera-shots are used extensively yet effectively in the movie along with an intensified music. I really like the scene in the dark underground where the camera shows the first-person eye view through a greenly night-vision lens. This smart use of camera is truly disturbing and terrifying , resulting in a stylish thriller. The helicopter killing-field scene is also notable. Never before would I imagine such an exciting and disgusting cinematic experience. It seems to me that excitement and surprise never ends in this film. Once you thought it was all over, you were wrong and you would be caught off guard with more excitement.

All in all, this is definitely a fantastic science fiction / horror movie with wonderful cinematography. Just the look of an impossibly deserted London is an eye candy. You would probably never see it anywhere except from this “28” series. Now, I just couldn’t wait for its sequel 28 Months Later which has already been confirmed.

5 Stars out of 5 – recommend to those with an eye for horror with a word of precaution – be prepared for the infected enjoyment.


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