Spider-Man 3

The greatest battle lies within.

Spidy is back! We reunion once again in the latest and final trilogy of Marvel’s Spider-man movie starring familiar cast of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, a man who got bitten by the supernatural spider and became everybody’s hero – Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, an actress and love-interest of Spider-man, and James Franco as Harry Osbor, a friend become enemy of Spider-Man in a disguise of New Goblin, a sucessor of his father’s Green Goblin. We also see a couple of new rivals of our beloved Spidy, namely Sandman, a guy whose body was transformed into sand, and Venom, an outer-space parasite which consumed the host’s wrath to become a gruesome creature.

We all saw Spider-Man in black suit and his enemies from posters and advertising materials previously released prior the film was out. Those certainly generated speculation of what the story of the movie would be. After watching the film, I could say that I satisfied with the story, even though some bits and parts are so cliche. You know where the story would lead once the main plot was established. With lots of character’s introduction, the first part of the movie would be long and boring, but it’s not the case for this movie thanks to comical relief which is scattered around the film. Once the story moved forward to the final part of the movie, we would see what we had not seen in the previous spider-man film – more fantastic actions and more emotional character development. Of course, we would see the dark side of Spider-man. This made it felt more realistic as no man is really good or bad. There are both sides of coin.

All in all, Sam Raimi did an excellent job as a director. I really loved the final fighting scene with a surprise team-work and dual.

5 Stars out of 5 – recommend to all action movie and super-hero lovers.

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  1. Pathomdanai says:

    It is understandable for great fighting scenes of overall sequences. I prefer the fight between friends: Spidey & Goblin Junior.
    Nonetheless, the ending plot is so easy and so comical that while Spidey\’s emotional character development has been superb,
    those of Goblin Junior and Sandman become flawed. Anyway, heroes are heroes. It\’s comic, isn\’t it? 
    Dark Pete is so funny. It took guts to play as "the Dancing King".

  2. kob says:


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