Do You Believe in “Happenstance”?

Happenstances (noun) a circumstance especially that is due to chance.
Today, I experienced the greatest happenstance I never imagine it would happen. It totally changed my point of view regarding what we called "happenstance." Now, I believe that everything could possibly happen no matter how slim chances are, intentionally or not. Let me tell you my story. Here it goes…

Today I had an appointment with my friend to go watching movie at Lido Multiplex. First we met and went to Central Chidlom because I had a small business to handle there. My friend waited for me at B2S bookstore and once I finished, we ran back to Siam Square for dinner and later the movie. My friend mentioned to me that he found an advertisement featuring P’Yong (Songyos Sugmakanan, the director of Dorm) in the magazine he read while he was waiting for me. Once P’Yong told me that if I happened to see him in an article in any magazine or newspaper, I had to tell him so I was about to call P’Yong but I had to take a look at the magazine first to make sure that I got the correct magazine name. However, we had to hurry to the theater and I hadn’t had a time to check the magazine yet. Later after the movie finished around 9.00 PM, we went to Siam Paragon and looked for a bookstore. We tried at least 3 book shops until we could find the magazine in question. I checked and confirmed that it was P’Yong in the advertisement page of the magazine and I was about to make a phone call to him. At that very moment, my friend told me to "tell P’Yong directly." I didn’t think that he meant it "literally" but he did, as I saw P’Yong walked pass-by. This was unbelievable coincidence that I still couldn’t believe it now that I am telling you the story. A series of events lead up to one after another and ended in a dramatic encounter of me and P’Yong in the most unbelievable coincidental moment. Finally, I could told him with my greatest surprise that it’s really a "coincidence" to meet him at Siam Paragon at this hour of the day.

Now, I could confirm you that what we usually see as coincidences in a novel or a movie and swear that it would never happen in real life could happen. At least, it DID happen to me today. Was it a destiny or a force of nature that make it happened? I don’t know. All I know is that I DO believe now that anything could happen. Impossible is not true anymore.

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  1. jirapat says:

    วันไหนขอให้เราบังเอิญเจอกันบ้างนะ คิดถึงค่า

  2. A-tis says:


  3. Pathomdanai says:

    Aloha, Sunny… You know it best as I am that friend of yours. 
    P\’Yong might be amazed the moment I pointed out to him and
    literally told you to tell him "directly" as he\’s never known me in
    person. Imagine somebody you don\’t know points you out suddenly
    and directly. In Korean-style, there might be some kind of "who the
    hell are you" and following up with some easy-to-expect consequences
    like slapping my head, or in Stephen Chow (Chow Sing Cheu) style, it may
    end up with the scene like Kung fu fighting. Anyway, that was the moment, right?
    As told, do believe the novel or movie, no matter how many times the leading actor
    found his super power scriptures after falling off the cliff or has got the extra power up
    pills after the series of unfortunated events. Do listen to the song "Chom Yuth" by P2Warship.

  4. Songphon says:

    Doy, you know. I told P\’Yong about this happenstance and he just said exactly the same as you did that now we had to believe when we saw any happenstances in the movie as it could really happen in real life.

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