Meet the Robinsons

Based on the illustrated book "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" by William Joyce, this Walt Disney’s latest 3-D animation movie tells a story of a young genius orphan boy named Lewis who always get an idea of inventions, even though he has never got it worked, he still keeps moving forward. Deep down inside of his mind, this 12-year-old boy always want a family who could adopt and take a good care of him. One day, he met with a mysterious boy named Wilbur who claimed that he came from a future with a flying time-machine. Lewis couldn’t do anything but believe once he warped to the future and met the Robinsons – the cheerful family of Wilbur. Without a choice, Lewis had to stop the Bowler Hat Guy from destroying all time-space consistency and changing the future forever…

Even though the plot is not original as you might have heard of the story like this before, I have to say that the story-line is excellent. With the best script, you are destined to have a fail-proof good movie. In "Meet the Robinsons," the story keeps unfolding piece by piece with an easy clue that you could guess the final plot. However, once the climax comes, you still feel excited and pleased. It’s a cliche and trademark of Disney’s movie with a magic inside. Funny moments and comical gags are plenty, those certainly would keep you laughing. The moral of the story is good for young viewers and adults alike – no matter how many times you fail, do not give up and just keep moving forward. We all might want to know what the future holds, but it’s us who could actually make it happens.

4 Stars out of 5 – this is a good movie for family to enjoy a fine moment together.

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