“Fadd” a.k.a. “Alone”

After their first critically acclaimed horror feature "Shutter," here comes the second clever plot and character-driven hair-rising movie from the directorial duo Banjong Pisanthanakul and Pakpoom Wongpoom called "Alone" or "Fadd" which is a Thai word meaning twin. This time it’s a story about a Siamese twin. The twin girls with conjoined abdomen decide to get separated and one died while the other survived. After some exile abroad, the survivor came home only to realized that her dead twin wouldn’t let her to be alone…

The hype around the movie has started since the announcement of the production. It even sold before the shooting was completed. The main character starred by one of Thailand’s superstar – Masha Vadanapanich. After years of absence from the silver screen, she really makes a remarkable come back in the leading role in this film. Just watching a her intense facial expression in one of the teasers of the movie and you’ll probably agree with me and once you have watched the movie, you would definitely couldn’t agree more that Masha delivered a superb performance. I am certain that we would often hear her name again at the end of this year when the movie awards season begins again – not only from the nominations but also as a winner.

The story-line is original, at least for the movie of this genre. Even though some might argue that they have heard a horror story featuring a twin, there has never been a horror movie that centered around Siamese twin. The plot of this movie is well written. The scriptwriters did research the facts and crafted the story perfectly. There are spooky moments here and there and in the climax of the movie is a simple yet wonderful surprise that you might think to yourself why you think that way. The cinematography in the movie is fantastic and make the atmosphere in the film even more mysterious and suspicious. In fact, everything in the movie is fine for me except a grotesque look of a ghost – yeah there is ghost in the movie appearing in different forms but they all seem unreal to me.

All in all, the movie doesn’t fail my expectation. The duo directors as well as other cast and crews did their marvelous jobs. I will definitely list this film as one of the best movies of the year for me.

5 stars out of 5 – recommend to those horror movie fans out there. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Niwat says:

    I want to see this movie very much and it is interested itself.Next time ,released on 29.03.50.Sure! I don\’t miss. And you ? I think that you don\’t miss too na.         Fadd = Alone = Twin = 8 = W = M = X  ————–>V (alone)

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