Charlotte’s Web

Based on a children’s book published in 1952 with the same name, written by an acclaimed American writer E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web tells a story of a remarkable cross-species friendship between a wise and gentle female barn spider named Charlotte and a small yet cheerful pig named Wilbur. It’s a popular book for both children and adult alike.

The movie doesn’t fail to capture the heart and soul of the lives of animals in the farms which somehow reflects human society. The unlikely friendship and promises kept by Charlotte and Wilbur are touching and serves well as a good lesson for children as well as grown-ups. Even though some might feel that reading a book could give them more imagination, the film and computer graphics could make the imagination comes to life. Memorable quotes from the book are kept and present themselves well in the movie, especially those of Charlotte’s. Also notable is Dakota Fanning’s role as Fern "the Pig Saver" Arable, a farm girl who saved Wilbur when he was born from being killed.

All in all, this is a perfect family movie adapted well from one of the greatest children’s books. Even though bringing a small child to the theater is not recommended, a younger viewer who could concentrate in the theater without bothering the crown deserves to watch the film. Morals of the story and lessons of life are enough for the reasons for them to enjoy the film.

5 Stars out of 5 – recommend to all, especially family to enjoy valuable time together.


2 Responses to Charlotte’s Web

  1. Sirachuch says:

    goodz goodz

  2. Niwat says:

    I have watched already soon and read "Mang Moom Phuen Rak"(Charlotte is the trust friend of Wilbur) in thai title. It is a friendship of some pig + spider.

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