This movie is based on Frank Miller’s famous graphic novel, written in 1988, about 300 finest men of Spartan soldiers, led by the great King Leonidas, who sacrificed themselves for protecting their country against the force of the evil Persian empire.

The film is well directed, full of raw and fantastic action-packed battle scenes. Most of the shots in the movie are composed of superb computer graphics – making them looked somehow artistic yet realistic in a way that you could even feel the blood all across the screen, literally. Violence is a strong element in the movie and it drives the movie towards effectively. Those with fainted heart might have to cover their eyes with fear of blood and filthy creatures. Also remarkable is Gerard Butler’s portray of King Leonidas, which is wonderfully powerful as I still could recall his voice of "… tonight we dine in Hell!"

All in all, this is an epic wars movie full of notable violence. With straight-forward story-line and skillful editing, you would definitely enjoy the movie if you don’t mind a lot of blood and killing.

5 Stars out of 5 – recommend to those who feel that need to release the beast inside themselves. Please don’t bring a small children with you as it is too offensive for the younger viewers.

3 Responses to 300

  1. jirapat says:

    I dont think this movie is going to suit me or another people the same age as me. I agree with the last sentence.

  2. Songphon says:

    To Carrot, yeah, you are right. Among the movies that are now showing in Bangkok, I guess you should go watching "Charlotte\’s Web." The movie is inspirational and, moreover, Wilbur the Pig is so cute. I am sure you\’ll love it.

  3. Niwat says:

    It is verry verrry great computer graphic.

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