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Today I went to a small get-together party of the former Chulalongkorn University English Club’s member class of 1992 – 1994. In fact, it’s one of our "EC-gang" (as we called our group) member birthday. The person I am talking about is Mr. Polkrit "Art" Thomya who has just turned thirty. Well, his birthday is on the second of March but everyone preferred to celebrate for him on Saturday rather than Friday. Thus, today is the day.

I’ve known him since my first year in the university some many years ago as he was a sophomore at my faculty back then and we joined the "same" English Club. He is a talented singer with beautiful voice and won several music awards. He’s shown a strong ambition to be a professional singer since day one I met him and I know he has a full potential to do so. All he need is a chance. If you couldn’t wait for it to happen, you just have to make it happen – that’s why he decided to go independent and released his first single called "Anyone" on his own budget. I am inspired by his strong passion to music and promised him I would try my best to support him. That’s why I present you his home-made music video of the song "Anyone." Click on the MSN soapbox video below to watch the music video.

You may find out more about him at his official web site ( and his myspace page at

Happy Birthday to you, P’ Art. I hope your wish of being a professional singer comes true.


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  1. Sirachuch says:

    Happy birthday!

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