I have been tagged yet again. It’s the second time in 3 days. I guess the "tag" culture is getting out of control as there seems to be a "tag" for almost every issues. Here I got a SWOT analysis tag to explain my strategy on blogging. Well, as my blog is not for commercial purpose, it might not be a point to explore SWOT analysis. However, it’s still useful to look closely and establish some points. Here it is.
Strengths : Most of the blog entries are my point of view on the issue which is definitely unique. Some Thai movie-related topics are one of the first reviews on the net as I had a chance to watch the films at the press-screening events.

Weaknesses : All my entries are in English – this should be considered as the strength of the blog for it could be read by international readers. However, most of my readers prefer Thai language, well, at least I heard someone commented on my usage of English in my blog that it’s too hard for them to understand and they don’t dare to post any comment. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Weakness or not, I will continue writing in English anyway.

Opportunities : With network of competent friends on the net, there are numerous links to my blog. Most of the traffic to my blog probably come from these links and those from Thai movie websites or movie-related search engines.

Threats : As I didn’t use my own host for my blog but create it on the free MS Spaces Live service, there are advertisements and limited maneuverability. Those who want to post a comment must log in to MS Live service and that even make it more difficult to share any ideas on my blog.
That’s it. Phew! I hope there wouldn’t be more tags coming my way. Now, it is time to tag the others – please share with us your SWOT analysis for blogging : Bak 《臥龍》, Aragorn and Vivace_Nan.

2 Responses to SWOT Tag

  1. Pradt says:

    yea, i agree with your threats. msn live spaces is kinda inconvenient. i have to sign in everytime to make comment, i believe others would feel the same. you should consider using some other places like wordpress.com for instant.

  2. Pradt says:

    oh, and live spaces… sometimes it doesn\’t work well with firefox.

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