Britney Spears’ Hair on Sale for $1,000,000

If you follow the international entertainment news in the past couple of days, you might have heard of the story of Britney Spears shaving off her hair after a series of headline events. And yes, oops!, she did it again! This time it’s insane that her hair could be a piece of stuff to be on sale at an incredible price of 1 million US dollars. Read the news from BBC by clicking here. First, the salon owner that Ms. Spears went to shave her hair claimed to post an auction on EBay website but was eventually cancelled for unknown reason. Then, there is a website setting up for this purpose. Check it out at "Buy Britneys Hair Dot Com." There are couple of photos depicting a pile of hair with "Red Bull" energy drink and a lighter to prove the authenticity of the "hair." I doubt if those items could be of any proof.

Well, I wish I could sell my own hair at this price – or half the price, or even at one percent of this crazy price. This is a weird world indeed.

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