17 February 2007
The movie is based on the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical show originated in 1981 about the rise and shine of a trio of black female soul singers in America’s music scene in the early 1960’s. It’s the story of dream and ambition, love and hate, greed and betrayal.

The greatest part of the movie is definitely its musical performance. Each and every songs fits perfectly to the story and drives the movie forward from the beginning till the end. It’s not a surprise that 3 out of 5 nominees for 2007 Academy Awards in the category of Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song went to the songs from this movie, i.e. "Listen," "Love You I Do" and "Patience."

Apart from the songs in the movie, we shouldn’t forget to mention the newcomer Jennifer Hudson’s impressive performance in the supporting role. She won numerous awards from this role and is considered as a top favorite for Oscar. Veteran actor Eddie Murphy also made a big come-back for the role of the falling R&B singer in the movie. Other cast including Academy Awards winner Jamie Foxx and veteran singer Beyoncé Knowles also did a fine job performing numerous songs in the movie. As I stated earlier, "Dreamgirls" is a musical movie full of beautiful songs and it’s the song that holds the movie together.

For those who are looking for serious plot and reasonable script, you might not find it here. However, if you are music-lovers, you would certainly fall in love with the movie. All in all, it’s all about music.

4 stars out of 5 – recommend for those with the music in their souls.