The Queen

I had a chance to watch "The Queen" and I must admit I was totally spellbound by Dame Helen Mirren’s performance as Queen Elizabeth II. The movie depicted the after-match of the sudden death of Princess Diana in the car accident, focusing on the reaction of the Queen of England as well as an image-conscious and brand new British Prime Minister Tony Blair. We all knew from the news and live broadcast in 1997 of the public funeral and the tribute to the "People’s Princess". However, what we didn’t know is the events that led to what we saw. These events had been speculated in this movie with intensive researches and interviews.

Helen Mirren’s interpretation of the Queen is exceptionally powerful and fantastic. She wonderfully reflects the Queen as a monarch, a mother, a grandmother and, above all, a mere human-being with heart and soul. It’s no wonder why she received all the honorable awards as the best leading actress from her role in this film. She deserved to be recognised. All other characters in the film are also challenging to portray as almost all of them have a living reference. However, Michael Sheen’s role as PM Tony Blair is worth mentioning. He got some kind of on-screen chemistry with Mirren as the struggling of power between British Prime Minister and the Queen.

All in all, this movie is a real-life drama with powerful ensemble of the cast. It somehow plays tribute to Princess Diana as well as the British Royal Family.

5 stars out of 5 – just the great performance of Helen Mirren is worth your time. God save the Queen!


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