Internet : I (almost) can’t live without it.

On the night of December 26th, 2006, there was a report of big earthquake
(in the scale of 7.1) near Taiwan southern coastline. The quake just came on the
second anniversary of the tragic Asian Tsunami. Fortunately, nothing except a
number of aftershocks happened. However, in its aftermath, the undersea
international communication cables were damaged. As a result, internet
connection and communications across Asia, including Thailand, have been
severely disrupted. That’s a reason why I couldn’t connect to my regular mailbox
at <> and several other web pages. Frustrated, I guess I almost
can’t live without the internet. Am I getting addicted too much to technology?
Well, now I have one more new year resolution to fulfill — try to spend less
time on the internet. Hopefully, I could make it possible.

3 Responses to Internet : I (almost) can’t live without it.

  1. Pradt says:

    yea, everything seemed to be slow yesterday. i had to refresh and restart my modem many times. fortunately, i could still get into site5, though hotmail, msn messenger and several sites were not accessible.

  2. Nut says:

    I have heard that CAT already reroute internet path to europe path, adding the capacity of european path to about 600 Mbps that cure 50% of connection loss.

  3. Songphon says:

    Nut, thanks for the information. Hopefully, the connection will be as efficient as it was before the quake soon.

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