Driving Lessons

The movie tells a story of a seventeen year-old -boy from a christian family with a controlling and overly religious mother. While trying to get a driving license by having a regular daily and routine driving lesson with his bossy mother, he also spent his summer vacation working as an assistant for a retired actress, Evie, who seems to be on the other side of the spectrum from his usual life-style. Without his mother consent, he was on a road-trip with Evie in a journey that would free him from his mother’s confinement.

The plot of this coming-of-age comedy is nothing new. You might be able to guess the story-line from the beginning to the ending of the movie. However, the performance of the entire cast is exceptionally high above the standard of the typical road movie. in this movie, Rupert Grint, as a lead actor, has a chance to play a more mature role from his typical Ron Weasley’s role in Harry Potter series. It seems that he developed a great deal of acting skills in a past few years. Watch him out as he would definitely shine as a bright star in the near future with more challenging roles. Veteran actress Julie Walters in the role of Evie delivered a great performance. It is astonishing to see her on-screen chemistry with Grint for friendship of different age that both characters developed through the movie.

4 stars out of 5 – even though the movie is too cliche, it satisfies audiences with fine performances of the cast. Eventually, we all go through the "driving lessons" of life reflecting from the movie.

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