Death Note: The Last Name

Yesterday (Saturday 25th November 2006) I had a chance to watch Thailand’s premier & press screening of "Death Note: The Last Name" at Major Cineplex Central World Plaza. In order to promote the movie, there was also a cos-play competition which death-note fans would have a chance to put on a costume and represent themselves as characters they like.

The movie is the second and final part of "Death Note" on big screen. The script is almost totally different from the original comic. "Death Note: The Last Name" picks up where the first part of the movie lefts off as Yagami Light or Kira, the Death Note bearer, joins force with the special task force in search for Kira led by L. The battle of wits between the two geniuses starts. Things are getting more interesting when Amane Misa or the second Kira steps in. Even though someone might claim that the ending is the same as the original manga, this might not be the case as the twist and turn in the story makes the movie unpredictable until the end credit rolls up.

I really like the character "L" in the movie as he looks more emotional and realistic than his character in the original comic. The scene of Light, L and Misa at Light’s university is my favorite as it’s both enjoyable and hilarious. I am sure everyone would laugh when he sees the "mask."

5 stars out of 5 – the movie is worth the wait after watching the first part. It ends in style.


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  1. Jun says:

    deeply agree with you.L is also my favorite charactor

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