The Curse of “Mak Tae Returns”

Most of you might have heard of the news about "Mak Tae" a.k.a. "Lucky Loser" – the controversial Thai movie about football that stirred Thai-Laos relationship back in May 2006. However, after some discussions with Laotian officials and hard efforts from everyone involved, the movie is back to the cinema with everything regarding Laos was totally removed and replaced with a tiny, fictional country called "Arvee."

There is a practical joke saying that the name "Lucky Loser" is a bad omen for the movie. This might be true. Yesterday, I bought a comic book version of the movie and took it with me to read at my friend’s. We were playing cards, well just for fun, and whoever read, or even touched, the book bearing the name "Lucky Loser" lost the game.

Is it a "curse" or just a coincident? Who knows? Let see how much the movie could earn at the box-office.

3 Responses to The Curse of “Mak Tae Returns”

  1. Sirachuch says:

    It\’s "real" because I play card whit him.

  2. Sirachuch says:

    I miss some thing
    when I touch this comic book
    I was slave all time.

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