The Seed a.k.a. Duay Klao (ด้วยเกล้า)

The movie was originally released back in 1987. It tells a story of a farmer from the North who came to Bangkok and acquired a small portions of the King’s rice grains which were distributed to the people for the first time in the Royal Ploughing Ceremony some decades ago. Once the farmer came back to his homeland, he cherished the royal seeds and planted them in his rice paddle with hope of a better life. After some 10 years, the farmer and his children still had to struggle with a hardship of a typical Thai farmer’s life which is full of debts and being taken advantages of by capitalism system. However, with his pure heart and his loyalty to His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the farmer still holds on to the virtue of goodness.

The movie is written and directed by Bhandit Rittakol, a veteran director who is most remembered by his series of romantic comedy movies "Boonchu" starring a wonderful on-screen couple Chintara "Mam" Sukapatana and Santitsuk "Num" Promsiri. "Duay Klao" proved that Bhandit could make a drama movie as good as or even better than comedies. The movie also starred his protege, Chintara Sukapatana and Santitsuk Promsiri. However, the late Charan Manopech, who starred in the leading role as a good farmer from the North, truly shone in this movie. It’s said that this is the best ever role of his lifetime. The story of struggling farmer in The North is touching. It becomes even more sentimental at the end of the movie. The movie won the Best Constructive Thai Movie award in 1987. Moreover, It’s the only movie that was granted the royal admission from His Majesty the King to use the total of 9 Royal Compositions, including the famous Saeng Tien (Candlelight Blues), Chata Cheewit (H.M. Blues) and Yam Yen (Love At Sundown), to feature in the movie.

This coming September the 9th, the remastered version of movie with a better sound and clearer image will be released again in selected theaters around Bangkok in order to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of His Majesty’s accession to the throne. This is a once-in-a-life-time experience for those who haven’t had a chance to watch the movie. After 19 years from the originally released date, the theme of the movie has never been out-of-date as the hard-working and dedication to the people of His Majesty the King has never ceased. This is the reason why every Thais love and respect His Majesty with all their hearts.

Long Live the King.

P.S. You could download the new trailer of this movie and the promotional video from the official website of Fivestar Production. (Click here.)

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