My Super Ex-girlfriend

Imagine you’ve got a girlfriend with all kinds of super-hero ability. She is faster than the speed of the bullet, she is immortal, she could fly and even have a laser-like eye-sight. Certainly, you would have an amazing and unforgettable sexual experience with her, just to name a few. However, she is a hot-tempered, self-obsessive and manipulative kind of girl. It’s sure that, eventually, an average guy couldn’t handle this. And once you dumped her, your life turned out to be a living hell with a revenge from the Super ex-girlfriend.

Well, the plot of the movie is interesting but once I finished watching this movie, I got nothing except a laughing spree. Don’t expect to gain anything from the movie except a chance to let go of yourself from a busy day-work. The movie is funny and most of the comedic parts are related to sex. Yep, you’ve got it right. Uma Thurman in the role of the Super ex-girlfriend seems to be fine in this movie but the script sucks, thus do not expect to see any wonderful acting here. Luke Wilson stars as an average guy with a so-so performance. Well, there is nothing for him to do or act anyway.

2 stars out of 5 – not recommend for underage children as there are a numbers of sexual joke. Other than that, it’s just for the laughs alone, there is nothing more.

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