The 10th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

Never have I imagined that I would be a part of a production of a movie, even though it’s just a short movie. I am talking about what I had been engaged with in the past two weekends – running an errand around movie shooting scenes. It’s the short movie called "Khor Khai" (An Egg) directed by Songyos "Yong" Sugmakanan, one of the six directors of "Fan Chan" (My Girl,) the critically acclaimed Thai nostalgia movie that became a phenomenon and the director of "Dek Hor" (Dorm), a beautiful coming-of-age Thai movie in a disguise of a simple ghost movie. The movie is scheduled to be premier as an opening film for the 10th Thai Short Film and Video Festival, running for two weeks from August 17th, 2006 at the Pridi Banomyong Institute on Soi Thong Lor.

In fact, Yong – Songyos is a veteran short film director. He won the R.D. Pestonji’s Awards (Best short film for general individual filmmaker) on the 6th Thai Short Film Festival in 2002 for his work called "Dor Dek Chor Chang" (My Elephant). The film explored a misunderstanding between student and teacher from a generation gap with an open-end ending. In this upcoming film "Khor Khai," the director will interpret a different kind of misunderstanding between a mother and her child with the same stylish open-end ending. I just can’t wait to watch the final cut of the movie which would be ready just in time on the opening day according to the director’s words.


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