Mercury Man The Movie

I have just been back from a Q&A session with the director and actors of "Mercury Man The Movie," the first ever full-length film featuring an original Thai superhero. First of all, I have to say thank to Thai Film Director Association (TFDA) for always organizing such an insightful and interesting activity, this is actually the 33rd Q&A session.

Well, I dare say that, comparing with Hollywood or Japanese superhero, Mercury Man is just another kind of superhero with some Thai-related stuffs. The plot is predictable and when the script tries to explain some reasons, there come loop-holes that need to be fixed. The CG is average or even below-average in some shots. The actors, especially those whose mother-tongue is not English but have to speak English, seem to be uncomfortable in their roles. It seems to me that there were a lot of trouble in pronunciation, both in Thai and English, for several characters. To tell the truth, I could continue complaining in every detail of the movie.

However, after attending the Q&A session, I felt a strong goodwill intention from the director, Mr. Bhandit Thongdee. After spending 3 years in production of the movie, it is no doubt that the director puts all his effort into "Mercury Man," it’s his first movie as a director and also featuring the first Thai superhero on the big screen. Being such a pioneer is by no means a difficult and challenging task. Technically, the director could use all the above complaints as guidelines for making a better film. I am sure there would be a sequel to this movie if it get a lot of support from the audiences. And, why not? It deserves a good support from Thai movie-goers.

3 Stars out of 5 – recommend to those who love superhero and could let your imagination run wild.
P.S. Check out the official web site (in Thai) at

Poster and synopsis (below) are taken from Twitch.

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