Krote Rak Eng Loei a.k.a. Love-a-holic

I have just been back from the Q&A session with the director at the pre-screening of an upcoming released Thai movie called "Krote Rak Eng Loei" or the official English title "Loveaholic." First of all, I have to express my thank to Thai Film Director Association for a free ticket.

The movie tells a story of a married couple at the verge of breaking up. Everything around them is full of boredom. The husband faces mid-life crisis both at his work (as a scriptwriter) and at home. The wife seems to share her husband’s unstable feeling and seeks a refuge with a young and handsome doctor which almost leads to an adultery. The movie then comes to a multiple plot-twisting and turning-around to the point that you couldn’t believe anything you saw on the screen anymore.

The movie starred Udom "Nose" Taepanitch, a famous stand-up comedian, as a leading actor and a new comer Wisa "Mai" Sarasas, the first Thai Beauty Ambassador for Shisado cosmetic, as a leading actress. As you could expect from Udom, his performance as the husband might not be perfect but you will be laughing just by looking at his face. Wisa did a fine job for her first movie. Well, I dare say that the highlight of the movie is not the cast but the screenplay which was written by the director himself.

Even though this is his first full featured film, Ping Lumprapleung, the director and screenwriter of the movie, is not a new face in Thai entertainment business. He is a veteran local TV soap-opera and sitcom scriptwriter with a great reputation of creative and clever script. It’s no wonder that this movie apparently expresses his trademark of skilled screenplay with a plenty of funny moments, sarcastic remarks and symbolic details. Watching this movie is like riding a roller-coaster with full of twists and turns that you would never expect and imagine. Moreover, the director also starred as a supporting actor and performed a beautiful theme song of his own movie. Something he himself claimed that no other directors would do.

Check out an official website of the movie at where you could watch a beautiful music video of the theme song of the movie.

4 Stars out of 5 – recommend to those who are love-a-holic.

2 Responses to Krote Rak Eng Loei a.k.a. Love-a-holic

  1. AÞÞleZää says:

    this movie is the one of Thai movie that i prefer to watch very muchwhy you have this chance to watch before me  _/–\\ounfair! unfair! unfair!

  2. Nuttapol says:

    I do love this movie too….even this movie try to play with my emotion (sad then happy then sad and happy again..:))

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