I’m With Stupid

This is a name of a song from British duo called "Pet Shop Boys" who has been in UK music industry since 1981. "I’m With Stupid" was the first commercially released single from their latest album "Fundamental," reaching number eight in the UK Singles Chart. Well, at first, I heard this song on the radio and didn’t pay much attention until the hook line was sung. "Pet Shop Boys" is famous for their clever lyrics and this song is no exception.

"Is stupid really stupid
Or a different kind of smart?"

Yeah, this is just one of several clever lines in the song. After some minor googling sessions, I realised that the song was meant to be a pun for an estranged relationship between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President  George W. Bush (as suggested in Wikipedia and one of fan sites.)

Well, there is also my personal remark for the song. That’s why it could catch my attention.

I’m With Stupid…

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