Basic Circuit Theory – The journey ended here.

Finally, the long-awaited "Basic Circuit Theory" textbook is on the shelf for sale at CU Book Center and various book stores just in time for the first Semester. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, this is the textbook I’ve helped my professor at Chulalongkorn University, Dr. Chedsada Chinrungrueng, editing and compiling for almost 3 years. The textbook would be recommended as a main companion for all second-year students in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at Chulalongkorn University because "Basic Circuit Theory" is one of the most important compulsory courses for the students in the aforementioned discipline.

Writing a textbook is not as easy as writing an ordinary book. You have to be very careful in every facets. Even though we proof-read our manuscript for literally hundreds of times, we still found some mistakes in typing. Typo is hardly tolerable as it could lead to misunderstanding of concepts and destroy the fundamental purpose of the book. Well, I guess we should bare in mind that nothing in the world is perfect. Definitely, we will have all mistakes corrected in the revised edition, if there would ever be one.

Look on the bright side of thing, I found the "real" textbook looked much more better than our manuscript. May be it’s because I was sick of reading the manuscript over and over again. Well, whatever the reason is, I am very happy with this project and it somehow encourages me to work harder in the next textbook we are planning to write. Bring it on!
P.S. Check out the detail of the book at Chulabook center home page. If you are interesting in buying it, you could also place an order on-line there. Click here.

2 Responses to Basic Circuit Theory – The journey ended here.

  1. Nuttapol says:

    I\’ve remember that this subject used to be taught by dr.Kotom Areeya, right? And that time we use the black textbook 🙂

  2. Songphon says:

    Yes, it was long time ago when Dr. Ghothom Areeya taught this subject. (Could you remember his initial at the faculty of Engineering? – GAY for Ghothom AreeYa.)

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