Over the Hedge

This animation movie by DreamWorks Pictures is based on a comic strip created by Michael Fry and T. Lewis. It tells a story of a gang of forest animals attempting to take a hold of food by invading "human" neighborhood that popped up while they were hibernating.

The movie is better than I expected. At first, I thought this would be another Hollywood’s animated features with some dry humors. Even though the character design is somehow strange, the animation is smooth and top-notch. The voice acting by Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling and Steve Carell, just to name a few, is superb. Certainly, the film is hilarious – all the puns and actions are enjoyable to watch. There are also a bunch of subtle messages of environmental awareness and family values. This is a good way parents could enjoy a movie with their children and generating a family discussion afterwards.

4 Stars out of 5 – recommend to adults and children alike. It’s a good family viewing pleasure.

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