Barcode Access

Have you ever seen a small box with strange barcode on the magazine advertisement? It’s been widely used in Japan for a couple of years. Now, AIS has introduced a new service called "Barcode Access" to Thai mobile phone user. This service will enable those who have a phone powered with camera to be able to access associated wap site instantly without typing in a long and tiresome address. It’s simple and easy to use. All you have to do is downloading a barcode access program and installing it in your phone, then you could just point and shoot at the barcode on any printed advertisement including billboards, magazines or even a computer screen to enter the associated wap site.

For more information (in Thai,) please check out mobileLIFE home page from AIS. Click here.

2 Responses to Barcode Access

  1. Pradt says:

    wow, i have no idea that service provider in thiland now features this service as well. unfortunately i hate ais, lol. and i guess it won\’t work on dtac?

  2. Songphon says:

    No, I don\’t think DTAC has introduced barcode access yet. As of now, there is only one service provider in Thailand to provide this facility.

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