Mobile Phone Numbers Multiplying

It’s been a news since last week that our mobile phone number is about to get longer. That is so because the National Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NTC) agreed to enforce a new mobile phone numbering system. From September 1, 2006 every mobile phone numbers in Thailand will be extend to 10 digits by replacing a prefix "0" with "08." For example, the number 0-xxxx-xxxx will become 08-xxxx-xxxx. Please note that fixed-line number (home and company phone) will remain the same (9 digits.)

We all will have a problem of replacing all mobile phone numbers in our phone contact lists to compile with the new numbering system. Gee! That’s a load of tedious works unless you have a computer program to change the numbers for you. Besides, those who think they have a "beautiful" straight or repeating number might not be happy with the change. Well, we should look on the bright side of thing. At least, the number "8" is a lucky number for Chinese folks. Isn’t it great to have this number in our phone number per se?

For more information, please check out the link from NTC by clicking here.

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