X-Men: The Last Stand

The mutants are back and this time they have to decide which side they want to be. When a "cure" for mutation is discovered, there is a choice for mutants to give up their special powers and become normal human-beings or retain their super-natural powers which brought fear and hatred around them. A battle line is drawn between the X-Men team of Professor Charles Xavier, who supports mutual understanding, and a team of mutants led by Magneto, who believes in nothing but their powers. The X-Men team must also face a dilemma when their former teammate Jean Grey, resurrect with a dangerous power that could destroy the entire planet.

The movie is exciting and impressive. There are numerous action-packed scenes which could make you sit upright and grab your seat tightly. The visual effect is far beyond your imagination. Besides, the script is well written as when the plot developed, dramatic elements of the movie reveal themselves with load of surprises and enjoyable dialogues. In fact, there are tones of materials about X-Men from its original Marvel’s comic books. Praises should go to those who picked up the right ingredients and mixed them in the film. It’s said that this is the last movie of X-Men trilogy and it certainly marks the end with style.

5 stars out of 5 – If you love action movie filled with stunning visual effect and a clever story, don’t miss this film in the theater.

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