The Producers

First, it was an award-winning movie by Mel Brooks in 1968. Then, years later the movie was adapted to a Broadway play by Susan Stroman and it was a huge hit with 12 Tony Awards. Now, the musical show was brought back to big screen with style. In conclusion, this is a movie based on a play based on a movie about a play. "The Producers" tells a story of a down on his luck Broadway producer who teams up with a seem-to-be-ordinary accountant and a plan to produce a show that flops so that they could earn the surplus of the fund and the expense.Things turn out to be as planned with the worst screenplay even written, the most insane director with his out-of-this-world cast and crews. Until the opening night, when things goes wrong…

This movie is literally a musical show on screen as almost every scenes are filmed in a studio in a Broadway style with gorgeous dancers and enjoyable songs. The ensemble of cast is fantastic and superb. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are excellent together. The sexy Uma Thurman proves that she could play any role. Will Ferrell is a big surprise on screen. Everyone could sing, dance and act so outrageous and crazy that you could never ever imagine.The screenplay is sharp and quick-witted with the most funny and sacastic remarks that slap on the show bussiness in 1950’s era. It is so hilarious that I just couldn’t stop laughing myself like a fool all the time.

In Thailand, the movie would only screen exclusively at House Rama from 1 June 2006 onwards. If you love musical and comedy movie, you shouldn’t miss it.

5 stars out of 5 – it’s been the funniest musical movie of the year for me so far.

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