The Da Vinci Code

I have read the book since it was released 3 years ago and loved it. Now the bestseller book by a genius writer Dan Brown has become a Hollywood motion picture directed by a veteran director Ron Howard. The movie, like its predecessor, the novel, is a target of huge debate from Christian groups around the world. Even in Thailand where there are only about  1 million Christians and 6 million Muslims among a majority of 59 million Buddhists, the Da Vinci Code made it to the head-line everyday in the last couple of days as there was news that the board of censorship would slice off the last 10 minutes of the film in order to prevent a protest from the Christian groups. However, the decision stirred an outcry from the public and movie goers. An appeal had been filed successfully. Finally, Thais would be able to watch the film as it is in original version under the condition that there should be disclaimers at the beginning and end of the movie stating that it was fiction. I guess everyone certainly knows that. Well, whatever…
The movie (and the book) tells a story of a mysterious murder inside the Louvre museum. The murder which could be decrypted as a code offers clues in various art works of Leonardo Da Vinci. In the end, these series of codes lead to the discovery of a religious mystery which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

The adaptation of the book to a motion picture is well done. The screenplay is perfectly crafted for the movie, even though some details are left out. Those who have never read the book would be able to enjoy the movie. The casting of main and supporting characters is superb. Tom Hanks seems to be the best person to portray the role of Robert Langdon, while a veteran French actress Audrey Tautou fits perfectly well for the role of Sophie Neveu. Sir Ian McKellen is always a great actor who could make audiences believed that he is Sir Leigh Teabing and we all should not forget Jean Reno in the role of Bezu Fache. In fact, the writer Dan Brown had Reno in his mind while creating Fache character. The cinematography and music in the movie is wonderful. All in all, the movie doesn’t disappoint me.

The book and the movie are two different experiences. You could let your imagination run wild while reading the book. Watching the movie opens your vision and refresh your idea of what you read in the book. For me, I love both.

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  1. Chaiyong says:

    I haven\’t read a book and just only saw this movie only 1 time. I think that I do not understand the movie throughoutly because I have no any knowledge regarding Christian.
    By the way, I like this movie even I may not understand it instantly.

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