Songkran @ Khao San Road

Songkran festival, formerly known as Thai Traditional New Year Day, is celebrated during the middle of April every year. And yes…, it’s the time of the year again. Even though our ancestors had never celebrated the festival with water splashing and powder smearing, it seems that the culture itself has been transformed; getting wet and wild has become an essential part of Songkran spirit in recent years.

Khao San Road is one of the most renowned places to enjoy Songkran in its special way. As it’s a foreign backpackers base in Bangkok, from words of mouth to Lonely Planet guide book, Khao San Road has become a well-known tourist destination. Songkran activity here goes virtually around the clock, though the city officials restricted the time to run around and splash yourself like crazy from 11 AM till midnight. Things could get a little out of control, thus you should not let your guard down.

Hopefully, I could survive the insanity at Khao San Road and get a chance to come back and report what was going on there. Stay tune.

5 Responses to Songkran @ Khao San Road

  1. Little says:

    เดี๋ยวหาหนุ่มๆ พาไปดีกั่ว เหอะๆ
    เที่ยวมาเป็นไง ไว้มาเล่าให้ฟังด้วยเน้อ

  2. kob says:

    เอารูปมาให้ดูด้วยนะ อยากดู ฮ่าๆๆๆๆ

  3. Unknown says:

    do you think that you could send me those episode xDD if not then it\’s ok =P also nice space ^^;;

  4. kob says:

    早く 「M3」 に 申し込む ようにして ください。

  5. Little says:

    เฮ้ย เมื่อไหร่จะอัปสเปซ หายไปนานเลยนะหมู่นี้
    โดนน้ำสงกรานต์แล้วไปกะสายน้ำเลย มาอัปเร็วเร้ว

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