Eight Below

2 April 2006
The film is inspired by a true story of a group of Japanese explorers in Antarctica which actually happened in 1958. The adaptation of the story to a movie in Japan (南極物語, "South Pole Story"; released in the U.S. as Antarctica) became a blockbuster hit in 1983. Walt Disney Pictures adapted the film for American and worldwide audiences. Eight Below tells a survival story of eight expenditure Huskies dogs which were left alone at the base camp in the middle of an extreme weather condition of the South Pole for more than six months.

The real stars in this movie are the dogs. The training of these animals for the film is superb.All the shots of Antarctica are extremely wonderful. You could actually feel the cold and cruelty of the nature beneath a beautiful scenery of snows and glaziers. It seems that human cast are there just to fill up the gap in the story and make it be like a movie rather than a documentary. All in all, a survival story of an animal is always inspirational no matter how poor the plot is.

3 stars out of 5, recommend to all dogs lovers, you’ll laugh and cry with all the Huskies. However, do not go to the movie if you couldn’t stand this kind of plot element.