Dek hor (Revisited)

Like an old saying goes, "three times is a charm," It was indeed an enjoyable moment for me to be able to watch the movie "Dek hor" for the third and, supposedly, the last time in the theater with the director and a group of energetic young stars from the movie. Actually, I was there to participate in the official final screening of the film in Bangkok metropolitan area at Major Hollywood theater on 29 March 2006 at 20:00, thanks to Fanchan Fanclub who organized this wonderful event.

P’ Yong – Songyos, the director, was friendly (as always) and earnestly answered all my questions regarding the movie. According to the director, the official box-office revenue for "Dek hor" in Thailand is about 50-60 Million bath. Even though the number didn’t reach the budget of the film, the profit could be made overseas where the movie is released with royalty and license fee. The director is looking forward to a good support from an overseas market. The advertisement campaign might vary by countries but the "shift of genres" surprise (from a horror movie to a coming of age one) would be kept intact. I wished him good luck.

At the end of the movie, there was a special lucky draw by P’Yong. The prizes are 21 different shots of never-before-seen production pictures. With a fine calculation and some luck, I won a picture of Michael taken from one of the deleted scenes. Three times is certainly a charm.

P.S. Even though I’d met with Michael and his mother before at Central World Plaza on the previous Fanchan Fanclub screening of "Dek hor," I was surprised that (Nar) Kwan, Michael’s mother, could still remember my name and recognize me. She is always lovely.

2 Responses to Dek hor (Revisited)

  1. hikaru says:

    .. + m i c h a e l + ..
    m y     p r i n c e ^ – ^
    i  l o v e   h i m   f o r e v e r  ~ !

  2. Miss P says:

    ไม่ได้ไปดูอ่า แต่ยังไงขอบคุณพี่มากๆสำหรับรูปน้องเคิล แล้วก็รูปที่มีเพียงใบเดียวรูปนั้น >v<"

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