BK Magazine – Readers’ Choice Awards 2006

BK "Asia City Living" Magazine is published by Asia City Publishing (Thailand) Ltd. and is distributed for free every week on Friday. Last week, I grasped the 5th Anniversary edition (March 10-16, 2006) from Starbucks @ RCA.The cover story of this issue is the results of the magazine’s 5th annual Readers’ Choices Awards. Even though there were mere 208 ballots submitted before the deadline, most of the results matched my idea. Here are some of the interesting results in City Living and Culture category.

Most Overrated Phenomenon: Siam Paragon
Runners Up: Rotiboy, Academy Fantasia

Best Thing About Bangkok: Food
Runners Up: People, Nightlife

Worst Thing About Bangkok: Traffic <<< Yes, we all know that.
Runners Up: Pollution, Hot weather

Favorite Offbeat Entertainment: Concerts in Lumpini Park
Runners Up: Foreign films at House, Goethe Open-Air Cinema

Most Ridiculous Fashion Trend: Hip Hop and Wrist Bands (Ties)
Runners Up: Low-cut jeans, Micro skirts/shots

Most Alarming/Annoying Trend: Korean Wave <<< Autumn in My Heart, Winter Love Song, Full House, Dae Jang-Guem, My Sassy Girl, Rain, Seven, Won Bin, just to name a few…
Runners Up: Gay-vague, Gigs, Hip-hop

Next Big Thing: New Government/Prime Minister <<< I doubt that wouldn’t be possible…

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