The movie tells a true story of "Truman Capote," a famous American writer whose works included "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "In Clod Blood." The movie takes us back to 1959, when Capote learnt about a horrific murder of a family of four in Kansas. Inspired by the incident, he decided to write a book, which later became his greatest and most famous work, the original and first non-fiction novel called "In Clod Blood." The movie follows Capote through his research of this criminal case and the interviews with "Parry Smith," a convicted murderer. As he worked on the book for years, he gradually and unconsciously felt a strong compassion for the criminal. This troubling feeling certainly conflicts with his intention to finish the book, which is only possible with a death sentence of the murderer, and later affects him for the rest of his life…

Phillip Seymour Hoffman delivers a powerful and perfect performance as Truman Capote in this movie. Those who know Capote claim that they could see Capote alive again on the screen through Hoffman’s performance. He could magically get all the attention from the viewers to him from the first through the final scene. It is no doubt why he won the awards for the best actor from nearly all of his nominations from every institutes, including the Golden Globe and the Academy Award 2006.

All in all, the movie is enjoyable. It’s based on true story so we all know the ending. Even so, just watching a marvelous interpretation of Capote’s mind and a great performance from Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a wonderful and unique cinematic experience you could get.

5 Stars out of 5 – The mind of the great writer is deeper than anyone could possibly imagine, however, the performance of the great actor is a mind-opener.

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