It’s Good to be … Mariah Carey

A Crash Course on Lifestyles of the Filthy Rich and Famous.

"It’s Good to be …" is an entertainment documentary show originally created by E! channel back in 2003. The 30-minutes show takes an up-close and exclusive look at Hollywood’s hottest stars and celebrities. Unfortunately, the show was terminated shortly after the start of its second season and there were mere 31 episodes in total. Mariah Carey was featured in the 29th episode of the show which was first aired in the states on July 18th, 2004.

In Thailand, you could catch a Thai language dubbed version of this show every Sunday at 20:30 on Modern 9 TV. Mariah Carey episode will be on air this coming Sunday (March 6th, 2006,) a year and a half after it’s first shown in the states. Well, like an old saying goes, it’s better be late than never. At least, Mariah Carey fans as well as viewers in Thailand will finally have a chance to watch how fabulous, gorgeous and outrageous Mariah and her lifestyle is. So, mark your calendar and stay tune.

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